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  • Daniel Matteo, PhD

Beyond the mic: why I'm starting a blog

politicwise podcast cover photo - politics meets personal development

Welcome to the new blog. It's complementing the politicwise podcast!

Why a blog?

As podcast host, I have had the pleasure of engaging with my guests on variety of personal development topics relevant to life in politics. The podcast conversations I have had on the show have been insightful, thought-provoking, and at times, even challenging. But what has struck me the most is the diversity of perspectives that I have encountered. From academics to activists, political leaders to regular citizens, each guest has brought a unique viewpoint to the discussion.

While the podcast has been a fantastic platform to showcase these perspectives, I have come to realize that there are some topics that are better suited to being written, that I can articulate better through writing. Therefore, the blog will serve as a complementary platform for the podcast, providing a space for me to delve deeper into topics.

Another reason for the blog is to highlight common themes that I have noticed throughout the podcast. As a host, I have had the privilege of speaking to individuals with a range of backgrounds and experiences, but I have noticed that some issues come up repeatedly.

For example, the topic of mental health and how to deal with stress has come up in several conversations, e.g. in the episodes Why politics needs a health warning and what to do about it with Dr James Weinberg, Navigating the multiple roles of being a politician with Dr Victoria Hasson, or Mindeset work and introverts in politics with Cristina Sirbu.

Another theme has been how to enter politics, how to start planning for it: I talked with Eileen O'Sullivan about Politics for newcomers, with Gaia van der Esch about Entering politics & female leadership, with Nikola Ilic from ChangeLab Global about Leadership & personal development.

We also had podcast episodes on whether to join politics at all - see my conversation with Till Wahnbaeck from impacc on Making a social impact - and where best to make an impact in politics.

By writing about these common themes, I hope to distil insights from my guests and make them more accessible.

I am excited to sharing my thoughts with you in the next weeks and months.

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