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Hans-Günter Brünker - Generalist skills in politics and the role of trust

Hans-Günter Brünker - Generalist skills in politics and the role of trust

On generalist skills, different life experiences in politics, trust, local politics as a 'school' and more

In this conversation, Hans-Günter discusses his experiences in politics and offers insights and advice for those interested in getting involved. The conversation covers topics such as honesty and trust in politics, expectations of local politics, the benefits of working in local politics, the desire for change, running for European elections, advice for first-time candidates, and the importance of endurance in political campaigns. The overarching theme is the need for politicians to be honest, proactive, and focused on getting things done.


  • Listen to people and build trust as a politician.

  • Develop skills in teamwork, compromise, and information analysis.

  • Convey both good and bad news honestly to maintain trust.

  • Politics requires a generalist approach and the ability to adapt to different policy areas.

Find out more about Hans-Günter Brünker at https://twitter.com/hgbruenker and https://voltdeutschland.org/menschen/hans-guenter-bruenker

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