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There's a magical question that can help you be more open-minded and curious.

There's a magical question that can help you be more open-minded and curious.

Does this sound familiar:

  • Someone you know very well starts talking and something triggers a thought of 'here they go again...' or 'ah yes, same old, same old'
  • Someone you don't know starts talking and something triggers a thought of 'I know what they're going to say next...' or 'I really have to set them straight'

And usually we're partly right - at least thing things turn out like they always have: we get into an argument, we do not listen, we respond in the same habitual ways.

There's a magical question that can create something new, unexpected, perhaps productive.

This question is magical because it's powerful, yet seems so ordinary.

Here it is:

What is here that I have never noticed before?

Imagine asking yourself this when:

  • A political rival shares their perspective
  • At a campaign event, a citizen uses certain words that 'trigger' you
  • A well-intentioned supporter shares advice that you don't like or find helpful

The question helps:

  • Be more curious, open-minded, looking more broadly at a situation
  • Playfully explore beyond the obvious (rather than assuming 'been there, seen that, done that')
  • Be more mindful, in the moment
  • Correct biases, by going beyond our first impulse
  • Give a chance to connect in new ways, perhaps more deeply, with others

The question is taken from the book 'The Good Life', by Harvard scholars Robert Waldinger and Marc Schulz.

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