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Apr 23
"Nothing is as important as you think it is while you are thinking about it"
Apr 23
Focusing Illusion in politics
Apr 16
In praise of idleness
Apr 09
4 leadership traps (+quiz)
Apr 09
Leadership traps: what not do to
Apr 02
5 quick fixes to focus on what matters
Mar 26
Guideline for hard conversations
Mar 26
Francesca Romana D’Antuono - Positivity, feeling anxious, and doing politics differently
Mar 19
Make it satisfying - build a new habit 4
Mar 12
Make it easy - build a new habit 3
Mar 12
Hans-Günter Brünker - Generalist skills in politics and the role of trust
Mar 05
Make it attractive - build a new habit 2
Feb 27
Make it obvious - build a new habit 1
Feb 27
The Value of Knowing your Values
Feb 20
3 motivating facts about habit-building
Feb 13
5 Ways to Build Confidence
Feb 13
Ian Robertson - How Confidence Works
Feb 06
💃 Find out your leadership style
Jan 30
3 mistakes I made in campaigning
Jan 29
How to focus on what matters - 7 approaches
Jan 25
Friend and Foe - Galinsky & Schweitzer
Jan 23
3 consulting skills I used in campaigning
Jan 18
7 Rules of Power - Jeffrey Pfeffer
Jan 16
Inês Bravo Figueiredo - Campaigning in snap elections
Jan 16
How to set a worthy goal
Jan 11
The Power Paradox - Dacher Keltner
Jan 09
Why not to set goals (it's not what you think)
Dec 12
Politics is the highest form of flow
Dec 05
3 steps to turn adversity into joy
Dec 05
Gaia van der Esch - How Women are Redefining Leadership
Nov 28
8 flow components - do you have these?
Nov 21
It's not about you
Nov 21
Christopher Gudacker - Leading in a party, change, convictions, and habits
Nov 14
3 self-reflection mistakes to avoid
Nov 07
Six leadership styles - what's yours?
Nov 07
Six leadership styles you need to know (and use)
Oct 31
Rule 2: break the rules
Oct 24
Why you feel ambivalent about politics
Oct 24
7 Rules of Power - Book Review
Oct 17
5 tools that helped me shift careers
Oct 10
"More than a job"
Oct 10
Ye-One Rhie - Mentors, trust and trying something new in politics
Oct 03
Quit my job... and into politics?
Sep 26
Axelle Bagot - How to Navigate Politics with Adaptive Leadership
Sep 26
5+1 coaching skills for politicians
Sep 19
3 reasons why 'be yourself' is terrible advice
Sep 12
❌ What you don't do matters
Sep 12
Sahak Imbrahimkhil - Deciding to Run for Office
Sep 05
🌹 It's easy to be nice in a rose garden
Aug 29
💪 What's better than resilience?