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Sep 26
Axelle Bagot - How to Navigate Politics with Adaptive Leadership
Sep 26
5+1 coaching skills for politicians
Sep 19
3 reasons why 'be yourself' is terrible advice
Sep 12
❌ What you don't do matters
Sep 12
Sahak Imbrahimkhil - Deciding to Run for Office
Sep 05
🌹 It's easy to be nice in a rose garden
Aug 29
💪 What's better than resilience?
Aug 29
Carina Beckmann - Deciding to Run for Office
Aug 22
🎤 Crafting a speech that resonates
Aug 15
📚 11 must-reads to lead in politics
Aug 07
Bridging divides with questions
Aug 01
👂 1 Question to be more Curious (Harvard study II)
Jul 25
🔑 The Key to the 'Good Life' (Harvard study I)
Jul 18
❓Purpose is overhyped - and what to do about it
Jul 11
🎉 10 lessons of 1 year politicwise
Jul 04
Clara Föller - Being president of a 4,000-members
Jun 20
My 9 lessons from managing an election campaign
Jun 06
To be or not to be authentic in politics
May 23
Nuno Carneiro - Training the next generation of leaders in Portugal
May 09
Silke Gebel - From activism to high-level politics
Apr 25
Ashleigh Streeter-Jones - Getting young women & non-binary people in politics and policy
Apr 11
Dániel Róna - Advising opposition politicians in Hungary
Mar 28
Reinier van Lanschot - Taking personal development (not too) seriously
Mar 14
Federica Vinci - On purpose in politics
Feb 28
Why is politics so stressful
Feb 14
Mindset work and introverts in politics with Cristina Sirbu
Jan 31
How shifting perspective helps get unstuck
Jan 17
The trust equation in politics
Jan 03
Navigating the multiple roles of being a politician with Victoria Hasson
Dec 06
Handling multiple roles in politics with Caroline Flohr
Nov 22
How to protect yourself from power
Nov 08
Where to make an impact in politics with Omri Preiss
Oct 25
Three lessons learned from politicwise
Oct 11
Making a social impact with Till Wahnbaeck
Sep 27
How to inspire & gain commitment in teams with Kathrine Richter
Sep 13
Entering politics & female leadership with Gaia van derEsch
Aug 30
Leadership & personal development with Nikola Ilic
Aug 16
A power audit for politicians
Aug 02
Politics for newcomers with Eileen O'Sullivan
Jul 19
Why politics needs to meet personal development
Jul 05
How to manage emotions & ego in politics with Valerie Sternberg
Jul 05
Why politics needs a health warning and what to do about it with James Weinberg
May 01
Introducing politicwise
Dec 31
Creating a 'second brain'
Nov 24
How politics can change us
Apr 29
Is Politics like Football, a Laboratory, or a Temple?
Mar 25
Against empathy - Paul Bloom
Mar 08
The inadvertent Trump ally
Feb 01
Benefits of coaching - for those who coach
Jan 04
We forget what we read, and that is OK