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About politicwise

Hey, I'm Daniel, a political activist & campaigner turned management consultant turned coach.


And this is Politicwise. The Podcast where politics meets personal development. 


Let's face it: it's easy to criticize those in politics. But being in politics is not an easy ride. And yet, for many who make the leap, it's worth it, they can make a real difference.


So, how can we have both?


How can we make a difference while at the same time showing up as the best version of ourselves?

It's a question that's been with me for the last 20 years:

  • First, when I started out as an activist leading an NGO of 3000 members.

  • Then, when I did a PhD in politics and studied the (mis)use of political power

  • Later, when I quit my job in management consulting to help build up a political movement and run an election campaign.

  • Today, as I coach young leaders who want to make a difference while staying true to themselves. 


I know the answers are out there. So join me on this podcast. We'll hear from political leaders, psychologists, neuroscientists, philosophers about their findings and experiences. Together we'll learn about the ideas, mindsets and tools of wise people in politics and beyond.

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