How to set a worthy goal

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Last week, I wrote to you about Why not to set goals. The idea was to share an alternative to goal-setting, not to get rid of goal-setting.

For the goals that I do set, here is the process I follow (credit to Stanier's 'How to Begin'):

1st draft:
Create a worthy goal, i.e. a goal that is:

  • Thrilling: deep, visceral YES - antidote to feeling of obligation
  • Important: goes beyond yourself, you give more than you take - antidote to selfishness
  • Daunting: gets you sweating, not impossible but definitely making you feel uncomfortable - antidote to staying in the comfort zone

To help you brainstorm, think about these boxes:

  • Sphere (work, non-work)
  • Scale (intimate, broad)
  • Class (project/doing, people/interaction, pattern/being)

2nd draft:
Edit your 1st draft based on these tests:

  • The spouse-ish test (ask your spouse or a spouse-like person)
  • "For the sake of..." (what bigger goal is this connected to)
  • Goldilocks Zone (is it just right? Not too big/small, too familiar/unknown etc)

3rd draft:
Score each element of a worthy goal - Thrilling, Important, Daunting - on a scale of 1-7. If the sum is less than 18, then the draft needs more work:

Try specifying, not necessarily making the goal bigger and bolder, but by setting limits around:

  • Commitment
  • Reach (audience)
  • Time
  • Scope
  • Standard/quality
  • Outcome

Oh, and I don't know who said it (probably Arnold Schwarzenegger 😀), but:

Never create a goal without immediately taking the next step toward achieving it.

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