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Advice Trap

Being quick and liberal in handing out advice disempowers our teams. Can you pause and let your team find solutions?

Distrust Trap

Trusting and being trusted is foundational. But it cannot be taken for granted. How much trust is there in your team?

One-Dimensional Trap

Good leadership is multi-dimensional and context-dependent. It's easy to be stuck in a rut and believe 'this is how it's done'. How flexible are you as a leader?

Either/Or Trap

The toughest leadership challenges  present us with dilemmas, pushing us to make an either/or choice. Can you resist that urge and stay curious for more creative solutions?

Focus on what not to do

A lot of frameworks and best practices tell leaders what to do: how to build a team, how to inspire, how to solve conflict etc.It can be overwhelming, especially because the advice is generic and may fall short in any given context.What not to do is often a more solid foundation for acting. Research gives us a very good picture of how not to lead.

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