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Last week's theme was on 'quitting a job...to get into politics'... which is easier said than done. Changing jobs is a big step, and I realized this:

You can approach career shifts like a change management project.

I realized that in both cases, three questions need to be answered:

Are you ready?

Are you willing?

Are you able?

Readiness is cognitive. It's the 'head' of change. Do you know 'what' the change looks like and the benefits, obstacles & logic behind the change.

Agree to these statements?

  • I know that more fulfilling jobs are out there for me
  • I know the kind of work where I'm completely immersed, losing track of time & everything around me
  • I know the personal values I want to honor in my work
  • I know what gives my work meaning (financial benefits, social status, making a difference, pursuing my passions, using & excelling in my skills and strengths)

Then, it's likely you're ready for the change.

Willingness is emotional. It's the 'heart' of change. Do you feel a positive pull, is it important to you, are you thrilled and perhaps even daunted by the change, because it's so out of your comfort zone - but that make it exciting?

Agree to these statements?

  • Changing careers would mean wasting the energy I've put into my career so far
  • I would consider a significant pay cut for a more fulfilling job
  • I've tried out other jobs, on the side or as a 'sabbatical'

If so, you're determined enough.

Ability is practical. It's the 'hands' of change. Do you have the skills, resources and support to make the change happen?

Agree to these statements?

  • I am confident that I can change to a more fulfilling job, once I have made up my mind
  • I prioritize taking action over engaging in detailed planning and organizing
  • I know my greatest fears for changing jobs/career

If so, you'll probably be able to change with some effort.

Ready, willing, able: if one is missing, the house collapses. If you've got all, magic happens.

p.s. πŸ‘‡ below, find the latest podcast, what I'm currently reading/listening to and my favourite quote this week

πŸŽ™οΈ My latest podcast

Ye-One Rhie MdB is Member of the German Bundestag. We talk about:

  • Her personal story & motivation for getting into politics
  • Mentors, trust and friendships in politics
  • The role of luck
  • 3 pieces of advice for anyone considering stepping into the arena

Hope you find it valuable:

Ye-One Rhie - Mentors, trust and trying something new in politics
About my guest Ye-One Rhie MdB is member of the German Bundestag for the Social Democrats (SPD) since 2021. Before that, Ye-One was representative at local level in the municipal council of Aachen, while working in the field of science communication. Ye-One shares a personal story & motivation for…

πŸ“š What I read & listen to

I confess: for the past few years, I've been a big AI amateur-nerd. Mo Gawdat, former Chief Business Officer at Google X, wrote this book a few years ago. He warns about AI, but at the same time gives a hopeful outlook that's all about: us. Not the companies building AI, not government & policy, but what every one of us can / should do to avoid the biggest mistakes and the worst of outcomes.

And for that reason, it's relevant for what I'm sharing on politicwise: how we can make wise(r) decisions that affect the world around us.

Scary Smart | Mo Gawdat
Only you can save us from the dangers of Artificial Intelligence.

πŸ–‹οΈ My favourite quote

"it is not the experts who have the capability to alleviate the threat facing humanity as a result of the emergence of superintelligence. No, it is you and I who have that power. More importantly, it is you and I who have that responsibility." - Mo Gawdat in Scary Smart p. 1