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The simpler an idea or tool, the better.

I keep using this simple concept in my leadership trainings:

Daniel Goleman's six leadership styles.

And the leaders I work with have so much to chew on. Things like:

  • 'I never really thought there is another way to lead'
  • 'What comes naturally to me, is not necessarily what is most effective'
  • 'I'm happy with how I lead in most situations, except when ...'

It's not just insights. From there, you easily get to action plans.

It's a simple, powerful concept that has served me and others. And so I build a Quiz based on it:

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The quiz is short: 18 questions. You'll need <2 minutes to complete it.

Before getting to the quiz, first the key insight:

You have your preferred, default way of leading - and you need to be flexible to shift to a different style if the situation requires it.

So, let's get to the quiz. You will:

✅ Find out your preferred leadership style

✅ See how you score on each of the 6 leadership styles

✅ Get next steps for your action plan