Rule 2: break the rules

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I've been re-reading "7 Rules of Power" by Prof. Jeffrey Pfeffer.

In my latest podcast episode I break down all of the rules.

Rule 2 has stayed with me: break the rules.

It's equally controversial and useful.

Controversial, because it goes against much of what I believe. Most rules make sense and are useful to a functioning society. Breaking rules should be the exception, done to move society forward.

The rule is useful, though, for those who follow it, according to Pfeffer:

  • People associate rule-breaking with power
  • It's easier to ask forgiveness than permission
  • People react surprised and then pay more attention to the rule-breaker

The good news is: 'breaking the rules' can be about small things, e.g.:

  • Go ahead with a plan before taking x rounds to align.
  • Ask for favors (i.e. go against the belief that we should be self-sustaining)
  • Go for the creative, risky marketing tactic

More importantly, it's an attitude of being pro-active.

So, where can you break the rules this week? 😈

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🖋️ My favourite quote

Not my 'favourite' quote, but one that captured my attention:

"because most people are usually averse to conflict, it is surprising how much one can accomplish by seizing the initiative." Jeffrey Pfeffer in '7 Rules of Power', p. 141