Six leadership styles - what's yours?

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I shouldn't be surprised, but I still am:

The simpler an idea or tool, the better.

I used a simple concept in a training recently: Daniel Goleman's six leadership styles.

And the leaders I worked with had so much to chew on, and so many insights and action plans. It all came from this simple concept.

This week, I recorded a podcast episode on it. But as a subscriber I wanted to give them to you straight into your mailbox.

Before giving you the six leadership styles, first the key insight:

You have your preferred, default way of leading - and you need to be flexible to shift to a different style if the situation requires it.

As you read through the six styles, ask yourself:

  • What is my default leadership style?
  • What is the style that is required of me?
  • If there is a mismatch, what 1 action helps close the gap?

Here are the six leadership styles:

Visionary. Inspiring, setting out a bold vision and explaining the Why of it. Think: 'I have a dream' and 'Yes, we can'. Best used for change.

Affiliative/feeling-oriented. Harmony, sensitivity to people's needs. The slogan is 'People first'. Best used to consolidate dysfunctional teams or deepen relationships.

Coaching. Good listener, counselor. Encouraging and geared toward empowering others, have them find their own solutions. Slogan is not a statement, but a question: 'How would you tackle this?' Best used to develop people long-term.

Democratic. Good listener, team player. Focus on creating a solution or decision together. Also a question, but geared to collaboration: 'What do you think?'. Best used to create buy-in.

Pacesetting/demanding. Setting a high standard, proactive, result-oriented. Slogan is 'It's necessary, do as I do'. Think: Elon Musk, Steve Jobs. Best used when quality and results are critical.

Commanding. Command & control, monitoring execution. Slogan is 'Do what I say', no explanation needed. Typically (but unfairly?) associated with the military. Best used in crisis situations.

So, what's your style most of the time? And what does your work require?

The best style is always the one that is best suited to a particular space and time, never absolutely.

It's about being able to 'speak' in multiple styles and adapting to what is required.

Hope this helps.

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