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Apr 23
Focusing Illusion in politics
Apr 09
Leadership traps: what not do to
Mar 26
Francesca Romana D’Antuono - Positivity, feeling anxious, and doing politics differently
Mar 12
Hans-Günter Brünker - Generalist skills in politics and the role of trust
Feb 27
The Value of Knowing your Values
Feb 13
Ian Robertson - How Confidence Works
Jan 29
How to focus on what matters - 7 approaches
Jan 16
Inês Bravo Figueiredo - Campaigning in snap elections
Dec 05
Gaia van der Esch - How Women are Redefining Leadership
Nov 21
Christopher Gudacker - Leading in a party, change, convictions, and habits
Nov 07
Six leadership styles you need to know (and use)
Oct 24
7 Rules of Power - Book Review
Oct 10
Ye-One Rhie - Mentors, trust and trying something new in politics
Sep 26
Axelle Bagot - How to Navigate Politics with Adaptive Leadership
Sep 12
Sahak Imbrahimkhil - Deciding to Run for Office
Aug 29
Carina Beckmann - Deciding to Run for Office
Jul 04
Clara Föller - Being president of a 4,000-member NGO
Jun 20
My 9 lessons from managing an election campaign
Jun 06
To be or not to be authentic in politics
May 23
Nuno Carneiro - Training the next generation of leaders in Portugal