Why you feel ambivalent about politics

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Feel ambivalent about politics? Me, too.

Is politics...

  • virtuous or corrupting?
  • empowering or disempowering?
  • unifying or divisive?
  • effective or ineffective?

It's both because of several paradoxes inherent in politics:

  • Power: you need it to change the world, but once you have it, are you still going to do that?
  • Aspiration: idealism paints a hopeful future, while realism anchors us in the present
  • Duty: being responsible for the outcomes as well as our means of attaining them
  • Change: personal growth and societal change - is one viable without the other?
  • Humanity: politics is a distinctly human activity, in the best & worst sense
  • Progress: competition fuels innovation, while cooperation builds bridges

The alternative to deciding if it's this or that: both-and-thinking.

2 ways to do this:

Creative integration aka 'the mule':
How can I combine both sides for a better outcome?

Consistent inconsistency aka 'the tightrope walker':
How can I maintain balance over time, even if it looks imbalanced in the moment?

Paradoxes are what make politics so interesting and difficult.

What paradoxes did I miss?

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"The question isn't who's going to let me; it's who's going to stop me." -
Ayn Rand