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Falling for these leadership traps? I build a 2min. quiz so you can find out

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Now, let's jump into it...

I built an assessment of leadership traps, of what not to do. It's free for you as subscriber:

Discover your leadership traps
Are you falling for these leadership traps? Answer 20 questions in <2 minutes to find out.

Why leadership traps?

Often, the best guide for action is: what not to do.

I have to admit... I have a bias to the opposite. I ask more: what can I do, what should I do?

When I ask that question, the list of potential things 'to do' often gets long, very long. And if I'm aware of it, I can cut it down to the essential (which does not always happen).

It's paradoxical that I see this also happen on challenges such as 'managing stress', 'managing time', 'focusing on what matters'. We can easily come up with a lot of things that could work with that.

The alternative: ask yourself 'what not to do'.

I wrote here about why it matters to know what not to do.

What not to do as a leader?

What not to do is also a helpful perspective when it comes to leadership advice.

Think of a terrible boss that you've had. What did they do that you know a leader should not do, something you do not want to do.

For me, it comes down to a few core things. A few traps to avoid as a leader:

  • Advice Trap: giving advice too frequently and disempowering others.
  • Distrust Trap: taking trust for granted or not thinking about it at all.
  • One-Dimensional Trap: being fixed in one's belief about 'this is who I am' and 'this is how I lead' or 'this is what it takes to be a leader around here'
  • Either/Or Trap: rushing to either/or decisions that do not do justice to underlying paradoxes in many leadership decisions.

Are you falling for these traps?

Take the quiz to find out 👇

Discover your leadership traps
Are you falling for these leadership traps? Answer 20 questions in <2 minutes to find out.

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I say more about the traps in my newest episode:

Leadership traps: what not do to
Are you falling for these leadership traps? Take the test here 👇 Discover your leadership trapsAre you falling for these leadership traps? Answer 20 questions in<2 minutes to find out.politicwiseDaniel Matteo About the episode This podcast episode discusses leadership traps and what not to do as a leader. Often, what not to do is a better guide for action than what to do. There are four leadership traps to avoid: the advice trap, the distrust trap, the one-dimensional trap, and the

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A Tim Ferriss podcast with the "CEO Coach" Matt Mochary. Before you skip it: not just insightful for coaches! Check out the topics of the episode:

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Plus, I nearly fell of my metaphorical chair when I saw that Matt Mochary has open-sourced his CEO Playbook as a Google Doc. It's widely used by Silicon Valley firms and startups. Much of it is relevant to anyone leading a team or building an organisation.

For more context: https://mocharymethod.com

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